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About Us

ImmuMon (Immunology at Monash) 2021 is the second Immunology Symposium at Monash to be held on 10-11th June 2021.

After last year disruption due to the pandemic event, Immumon is back to promote scientific exchange and link early-mid career postdoctoral scientists and PhD students working in the broader field of immunology across major Monash campuses: Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute, Central Clinical School, School of Clinical Sciences and Hudson Institute of Medical Research.

The symposium is a great opportunity to share your research and provides an opportunity for networking and collaboration, as well as highlight the diversity of knowledge and skills possessed by researchers across Monash University.


Invited Speakers 2021

Cancer Immunotherapy Laboratory,
Monash University

Panel Discussion

Career Perspectives from Academia, Industry and Education

Dr Malcom Starkey

Dr Malcom Starkey is now the leader of the Immunology and Regenerative Medicine research group in the department of Immunology and Pathology.

Central Clinical School, Monash University

Dr Jess Borger

Dr Jessica Geraldine Borger is an Australian T Cell immunologist, Lecturer and Graduate Course Coordinator.

Central Clinical School, Monash University

A/Prof Michelle Tate

Associate Professor Michelle Tate is an emerging leader in the fields of viral pathogenesis and immunology. 

Hudson Institute

Dr Krystal Evans

Dr Krystal Evans is a Medical Lead COVID Therapeutics at GSK.


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