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Miltenyi Biotec

Miltenyi Biotec is a global provider of products and services that empower biomedical discovery and advance cellular therapy. Our innovative tools support research at every level, from basic research to translational research to clinical application. This integrated portfolio enables scientists and clinicians to obtain, analyze, and utilize the cell. Our technologies offer solutions for cellular research, cell therapy, and cell manufacturing. Our more than 30 years of expertise spans research areas including immunology, stem cell biology, neuroscience, cancer, hematology, and graft engineering. In our commitment to the scientific community, we also offer comprehensive scientific support, consultation, and expert training. Today, Miltenyi Biotec has more than 4,500 employees in 28 countries – all dedicated to helping researchers and clinicians around the world make a greater impact on science and health. 

Mettler Toledo

Life scientists around the world rely on METTLER TOLEDO’s high-quality balances, pH meters, UV-VIS spectrophotometers and liquid handling equipment. METTLER TOLEDO’s Rainin is the leading provider of advanced pipetting solutions for life scientists worldwide. We offer a wide selection of manual and electronic pipettes, tips and expert services. Our top quality, innovative design and state-of-the-art production result in superior liquid handling products with years of reliable operation. 


To see how Rainin liquid handling solutions can help improve accuracy and ergonomics in your lab, visit:

Liquid Handling | Life Science Products | Rainin (

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Lonza provides high quality and wide range of Primary Cells, Transfection products, Mycoplasma test kits, Peprotech cytokines, Growth factors, Serum-free media , Tissue Culture plasticware and Biochemicals.

P: 1300 657 508
M: +61 (0) 413 479 061

Customer Service:

Trading as Capsugel Australia Pty Ltd



BioCurate was founded by the University of Melbourne and Monash University, with support from the Victorian State Government, as a purpose-built, not-for-profit and operationally independent company, designed to help Universities and their affiliated medical research institutes achieve real world impact and translation of their biomedical research.


BioCurate supports researchers to translate their medical research outputs into high quality pre-clinical drug candidates suitable for engagement with pharmaceutical and venture capital companies, or SVP formation. The team works specifically in the critical, yet often under-resourced, early phases of drug development to outline development paths, execute on drug discovery activities, drive early decisions and address key program challenges for effective translation of pre-discovery research into industry-ready assets.


BioCurate offers various levels of funding and hands-on management to academic researchers for projects at different stages of discovery, from early Proof-of-Concept (PoC) funding supporting target validation studies, through to in-licensing of projects into the BioCurate Portfolio to drive the development of pre-clinical drug candidates. The BioCurate team has extensive experience in the biopharma industry, developing various antibody, small molecule, peptide and cell/gene therapies in disease areas such as oncology, neurobiology, dermatology, cardiovascular disease and respiratory disease.


BioCurate is committed to supporting talented academic researchers to help build their capability, translate their projects, and to ultimately fulfill the vision of delivering clinical impact to patients through the development of new therapies.

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BioCurate Contact details:

Dr Jaclyn Sceneay

Senior Scientist, Pre-Clinical Biology

In Vitro Technologies

In Vitro Technologies Logo-RGB.jpg

In Vitro Technologies are the premier supplier of cells, reagents & laboratory equipment for life science research throughout Australia and New Zealand. In Vitro Technologies partners with world-class suppliers who are consistently developing new products to support research & manufacturing needs. This partnership enables In Vitro Technologies to support researchers with producing high quality, reproducible data leading to accelerated R&D discoveries with high impact publications and improved patient outcomes.
For more information on our wide range of research tools including below please contact our team at:  
·       Primary, immortalised & cancer cell lines
·       Primary & secondary antibodies
·       Bioactive recombinant proteins 
·       Luminex multiplex immunoassays
·       Immune cell isolation and expansion kits 
·       Gold standard ELISA kits
·       Spatial gene expression analysis


For over 37 years Pathtech has operated as an innovative, ethical and successful distributor within the Australian Scientific, Forensic and Business communities. We are partners with leading manufacturers around the world and our range includes over 4,000 high-quality products. This globally comprehensive product list combined with exceptional customer service, provides cutting-edge solutions tailored to help meet our customers' needs.
With a sales team in all major Australian markets, we are committed to ensuring our clients get the most from our products. Our expert staff work with you to gain a complete understanding of your business needs. Where relevant, we can provide product training and ongoing guidance to ensure your investment performs to its full capacity.
Our core departments include Science and Drug and Alcohol Detection. We also operate the Pathtech Service Laboratory, where our clients can access skilled technicians who provide product service and support for all Pathtech products and many competitor brands.

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Sapphire Bioscience


SAPPHIRE BIOSCIENCE is a distributor of over 2 million high-quality Life Science Research Products including Antibodies, ELISA Kits, Assay Kits, Proteins, Flow Cytometry Reagents, Lipids, Biochemicals, Inhibitors, Antibiotics, Toxins, and many more innovative products for your Immunology research needs. Find us at or phone 1800 062 088 for product pricing and availability, or for any further assistance with sourcing your research products.
Sapphire Bioscience
Pty. Ltd.
Ph: +61 2 9698 2022
Ph: 1800 062 088 (Toll-Free)

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